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CIDR: unknown


Organization: unknown


City: Ashburn, US

Location: 39.0469, -77.4903


Get all (JSON): curl{IP}

Search an IP address

You searched for the IP address, which is an IPv6 address. That means it follows the Internet Protocol version 6, which is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol. IPv6 is being deployed to replace IPv4, which is running out of addresses.

What is a Reverse DNS?

A reverse DNS is used to find the associated domain for a given IP address - it's the reverse process of a DNS lookup. Not all IPs have a reverse DNS, since it requires a PTR DNS record to be set.

What is a CIDR?

CIDR stands for Classless Inter-Domain Routing and is a method used to group IP addresses. It's written as IP/number, where number is known as the network mask. It represents the number of leading 1-bits in the subnet mask.

What is an AS and ASN?

AS stands for Autonomous System, while ASN stands for Autonomous System Number. Each AS is operated by an entity (like an ISP, an individual, schools...) and operates a list of IP subnets. An AS is identified by a number, the ASN.